A few day ago, I went to Balboa Island with my friends Sabrina, Kathrine and Kelly. We had so fun!

First we got some books from the Newport Beach library, then we went to the island.

At the island we took the Balboa ferry across the Newport Harbor to the beach. At the beach, I dug a huge hole in the sand. It was like two feet and I dug it out in about ten minutes!

After we played at the beach, Sabrina and Kathrine had to go home so it was just me and Kelly so we went to eat dinner at Harborside Restaurant. The food was so good! After we finished dinner, we went on a bungee jump trampoline and we jumped super high! Then we went on the famous Balboa Ferris Wheel. We were kinda scared, but overall, my trip to Balboa Island was a ton of fun!

Trip To Balboa Island

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