For Christmas 2015, I went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera with my family and my friend’s family. Our first stop was Carbo San Lucas. Our second stop was Mazatlan. Our last stop was Puerto Vallarta. I had tons of fun!

Carbo San Lucas had no port so we had to used a tender boat to get to shore. We took a tour of the city. We went on a glass bottom boat ride in Mazatlan. At Puerto Vallarta, I swam with the dolphins and got my fist dolphins push! We played at the waterpark after.

On Christmas day my present was black and purple Heelys! That was my best Christmas ever!!!! 🙂









  1. Hai Sally! It’s me Jacquelyn Wu from church. I hope you had a great day and I am making a video right now about you so plz be happy! and i hope you and me are going to have a playdate soon. Anyway, Bai! ^_^

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