I’m in Singapor!The hotel is really nice.They have a pool on the top and it’s bigger than an aircraft carrier! My mom and dad call it the big banana boat.The pool was on the 57th floor.The view from our patio is incredible!I know that my stay in Singapor will be amazing!


Nona is an odd looking fruit and it tastes interesting but I like it! The skin was easy to cut through the with a knife so it was easy to get to the meat. The fruit has a jellyish taste also it was very sweet. The Nona fruit is really yummy so if you go to Maylasia you should try the Nona fruit!


I went to go fishing and it was amazing!I was the first to catch a fish.Then my mom caught one.Last, my dad caught one.Then my dad gave me one fish as if I caught my dads fifth fish. So now I beat mommy! Hee Hee Hee


There is a Dalit Bay Golf & Country club in the Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort. I went golfing today and it was really hot! I was at the driving range. When I got my golf balls the employee told me to shoot the ball in to the lake because the golf balls could float. I also had to teach my mom how to golf. Even though it was really hot I still had fun!




The orangutans are the two exclusively Asian species of extant great apes. Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans are currently found in only the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.
We are meeting an actual Orangutan in a near-wild setting. It is a special experience all children can enjoy. Older children may appreciate the opportunity to learn about and even help support the reserve’s animal care efforts. The resort’s nature reserve also offers short guided walks suitable for families.
The Orangutans I saw were eating. A few minutes later they were interrupted by monkeys. They just came out of no where. A big
monkey came over and ate some fruits. One Orangutan left then more monkeys came over. The other Orangutan left so the monkeys had the fruit all to them selves!Ha Ha Ha!